About Us - Beit Ahava ve Torah

The Holocaust is an unimaginable tragedy that must never be forgotten!

The survivors among us are still carrying in their hearts the feelings, memories and pain.

"Beit Ahava ve Torah" was established to help every Holocaust survivor and provide him and his family the support and compensation they deserve.

"Beit Ahava ve Torah" was established to let Holocaust survivors earn a small but significant victory, a small sense of justice, and the minimum amount of compensation that can sometimes make a great difference in the present.

The essence of the Jewish faith is the Torah that guides us and the Ahava, Love, that keeps us going and provides us with many joyful moments in life. "Beit Ahava Ve Torah" Combines the love for the Jewish people and the love and care given to others: "veahavta lereaha camoKCHA".

"Beit Ahava ve Torah" ensures that Holocaust survivors will exercise their rights and get what they deserve.

We provide support where ever it is needed. As head of the organization, Rabbi Asher Vaknin will do whatever it takes to listen and assist the survivor and his family.

"This is our Victory", he declares. "We, the Jewish people, survived and built families. The Holocaust survivors went through hell and back and we all owe the survivors compensation and care. That is why "Beit Ahava ve Torah" was established and that is why we will provide results and do whatever it takes to get there"

The law experts of "Beit Ahava ve Torah" will fight for the full and ultimate compensation of any Holocaust survivors.

As the laws are constantly changing and the details are complicated, we know the right path, method and tools and we will use our unparalleled expertise to provide each survivor with the aid, guidance, and best result.

There will never be an adequate compensation. However, if this compensation can help, or bring joy to the survivors it is worth fighting for.

We are here to assist you at any time