Am I Eligible? - Holocaust Compensation Fund

In order to receive the pension, with all the benefits it holds, a wait for the minimum insurance period is required.

The old age pension begins at age 65 as well as widow’s or widower’s pension.

The qualifying period can be made up of German periods of contributions and substitute periods. The qualifying period may also be fulfilled by adding together the insurance periods completed in Germany and abroad.

  • If you have not filed an application for a German pension in the past but you believe that you meet the requirements, fill our pension application and start the process as soon as possible.
  • If you already filed an application in the past and were rejected in the past according to the previous interpretation of the law, we can explore the case and possibly receive a new decision.

If a benefit has already been claimed or paid according to the ordinance of recognition, you should know that the claim for a pension under the ZRBG does not conflict with that.

By law, victims of national socialist persecution can receive a payment in recognition of work in a ghetto which did not constitute forced labor.

The claim according to the ordinance of recognition, does not replace the pension application under the ZRBG.

  • If you believe that you meet the pre-conditions under the ZRBG the pension claim has to be separated.
  • If you already received the benefit according to the ordinance of recognition a pension will subsequently be granted taking into consideration your work in the ghetto as contribution period completed in a ghetto, you will be obliged to repay the benefit paid under the ordinance of recognition.

In that case, you can meet your obligation for repayment and we will retain the benefit amount paid under the ordinance of recognition from your pension.

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