Ghetto Pension Law for Canadian Citizens

On September 20, 2013, the German Bundesrat called upon the Federal government to submit a legislation proposal that will allow all applicants to receive a retroactive payment as of July 18, 1997.

Canadian citizens can enjoy the legislation as they share the same rights as Israeli citizens, thanks to a bilateral treaty that was signed between Canada and the Federal Republic of Germany.

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The law distinguishes between several types of groups:

Survivors that applied in the past and don’t receive a pension

Those applicants, in case they were refused due to technicalities (were in relevant ghettos but were unable to prove their work), should be able to reapply and receive a pension.

Those who never applied

Applicants who were in Ghettos and never applied to Germany, but receive an old age pension from Canadian Social security authorities, will receive their retroactive payment as from the date of application for the old age pension, or as of July 18, 1997 (the latest of the two).


For Canadian citizens, a widower can apply in case her legal spouse worked in a Ghetto. His/her application is for a widower pension at the rate of 60% of the original pension to be paid. If she receives a widower pension paid out by the Canadian social security authorities, then the retroactive payment should be as of the date of the Canadian pension or as of July 18, 1997. (the latest out of the two).


Canadian Heirs who are entitled to inherent a survivor who died after June 2002 (the date the law has entered into force), and that survivor received an old age pension, will receive a retroactive payment from the time the pension should have been paid (time when old age pension was applied for/ or July 18, 1997 – the latest) until the time that the survivor perished.

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