Ghetto pension law in the US

While the Ghetto worker's law (ZRBG) was enacted during 2002, it was only fully implemented in 2011.

Until this day, there are still many holocaust survivors that did not even apply and claimed their right for compensation.

Since an agreement was never signed between Germany and the US, most survivors who are US citizens never received any compensation. That is why US citizens will be entitled to receive an increased payment of 5% per year as of their 65th year (the relevant year in Germany for an old age pension).

Our legal team, both here and in Germany will strive to get the ultimate award and use their experience and expertise to get your well deserved compensation as soon as possible.

It is important that you provide us with as many documents, forms or any other proof in order to speed the process.

The law distinguishes between several types of groups:

Survivors who applied in the past and didn't receive a pension

Those applicants, in case their applications were refused due to technicalities (were in relevant ghettos but were unable to prove their work), should be able to reapply and receive a pension.

Those who never applied

Applicants who were in Ghettos but never applied are to receive a pension as of the date that they have applied. They are also entitled to an increased pension of 5% per year as of the date that they should have received an old age pension in Germany.


For US citizens, a widower can apply in case her legal spouse worked in a Ghetto, his/her application for a widower pension will be at 60% of the original pension to be paid.

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