ZRBG - Holocaust Survivors Compensation

Ghetto workers are now entitled to a pension!

The ZRBG defines the conditions for making pensions payable for Holocaust survivors who worked in a ghetto that was situated in a territory occupied by the Germans.

Since the federal social court has now recognized the periods of contributions completed in the ghetto, the changes in the interpretation of the ZRBG law are allowing more survivors to claim their compensation.

The Federal Social Court decided by two other judgments that a persecuted person who was only in the ghetto can be recognized under the ZRBG.

That was the 1st time ghetto workers were entitled for pension!

A survivor whose application had been rejected in the past or who waived an application can now receive a pension.

Even someone who is already getting a pension might receive an increased pension.

A survivor that wishes to claim his compensation needs to prove that he was forced to live in a ghetto, in a territory which was occupied by the German Reich.

The stay in a concentration camp or work camp is not covered by the ZRBG but these periods can be accounted for as substitute periods after reaching the age 14.

The survivor will also have to claim that he had performed work at his own will, any kind of work for which he received remuneration.

This remuneration may be any kind of compensation paid for your work, like money, food and such.

At "Beit Ahava ve Torah" we use our experience and expertise to help all survivors to get their claims accepted.